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Supplying assets to build and maintain your systems is our starting point. For assistance in upgrading, adjusting, expanding or improving sustainability, we do have a lot of options as well. One way or another, we can help you for sure. If we do not have a standard solution, we will find a way to help you according your quality standards and demands.



Inspecting, testing and certifying hoses

Hose assemblies are being used for transport of gasses, liquids or solid substances. In most cases, they are part of critical processes. A damaged hose or coupler does not only cause downtime and losses, it also creates unsafe circumstances. Especially when dangerous goods, high pressures, high or extremely low temperatures are involved.

Laws and regulations, company policy, authorizations and insurers commit us to periodic inspecting, testing and certification of your hoses and couplers.


Safety, reliability and quality are important for our customers. That’s what we always keep in mind.

Corporate responsibility and Unishore are inseparably connected to each other. If possible we select suppliers, manufacturers, products and services which help our customers to protect people, assets and environment.

Curious for our product portfolio?

With our experience and technical knowledge, we help organizations with the right product, assembly, advice or innovative solution.